Michelle Jennings, RN


The first step in your permanent cosmetic artist career is taking classes in preparation for your certification from our Certified Permanent Makeup Instructors. We pride ourselves on providing individualized Permanent Makeup training. Our classes are private 1:1 or semi-private 2:1 for undivided attention to detail and understanding from your Instructor. The curriculum is modified from beginners to advanced for the most comprehensive learning experience providing our students the knowledge, skill, and confidence both artistically and professionally upon completion of Primary Training. 100-hour Permanent Makeup Primary Training We provide one-on-one training for a more comprehensive learning experience. The course consists of 40 hours of required theory, 60 hours of permanent cosmetic hands-on training. Class fee includes:
  • PMU Machine
  • Full Training Manual & Supporting Material
  • Needle Cartridges
  • Practice Pigment
  • Full Starter Kit
  • Client Forms and Business Class
In this course, you will learn:
  • Safety & Infection Control
  • History of Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Anatomy of the Face
  • Machines & Needle Configurations
  • Perfect Brow Design
  • Color Theory & Correction
  • Client forms and Medical Contraindications
  • Hands-on PMU Procedures – *only $100 fee for the live models
  • Unlimited Continued Support Included
  • Certificate of Completion

“We inspire to help you as an Artist achieve creative and financial freedom.”